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Earlier today I was reading through the latest issue of Lifelines (Pg 13-15 if you want to read the same article), the magazine that Bethany Christian Services sends out quarterly. One story that caught my eye was about Safe Families. It’s a program that helps families stay together by hosting children and supporting families instead of the foster system. The article pointed out that there are so many ways for people to get involved. Since this program keeps kids from going into foster care, host families are needed. The program also tries to help families move past their problems. Sometimes the parents need mentoring, help finding a job, getting a ride to an interview and so on. The goal is to make it possible for families to stay together. The story in the article even mentioned the minor roles that people can take: rides, meals to the host family, diapers, clothing, etc. I really like the heart behind this.

I was blessed to have always had support from my family. Its easy to forget that not everyone had that. Some of these families who find themselves in desperate situations just need some extra support in order to push through.

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